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About Us

    We are a littler team specialized in the private accommodation (particular houses / private homes / bed and breakfast / rooms for rentals / inns / apartments) business in Cuba. Our big goal is to promote the rent of private lodgings in the whole island. In our site you will find lodgings at the best prices in the main cities, nature and beaches destinations of the island. To achieve this goal we have carefully selected our list of lessors to satisfy the most varied taste. It is also a primary aim of our team to give you all the information and services you require for unforgetable holidays in this magic island.

    Our littler professional team carry out all the work of selection of the houses, programming and design of the Website. We are committed with the continual improvement of this site in order to bring you a better service. All the information and prices about the houses are given by the owners.

    We loved the experience of holidaying in homes and thought let's create a website, where it's as easy and safe to book an amazing home in Cuba.

    Tour4Cuba is a constantly evolving website, that's why your opinions and suggestions are very important, because in this way we will know your expectations and needs for our service. See bellow to send us a message.