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    The cuban people

    The Cuban people is the synthesis of several races and cultures, formed basically for the Spanish people who colonized the country and the Africans who were brought as slaves. These two races constiitute the Cuban nationality, which has American and Caribbean characteristics. The Cuban people have a very special charm which is impossible to resist. They are happy, loquacious, and possess a great sense of humor, essentially friendly, characterized by solidarity and helpful to all the persons, but especially to persons who visit their country.

    The music and dance are an inseparable part of the Cuban life. Friends to joking, they laugh in an explosive and hearty manner. Passionate about their ideas and convictions, they like to debate. They are one of the most hospitable people in the world. The Cubans like to talk with their visitors, because of that the doors of their house are always open to receive them. The Cuban people have made the word "Welcome" (Bienvenido) something more than a simple way of greeting to those visiting for the first time, for them it is an extravagant show of gratitude. This word has been inscribed in the vocabulary of each Cuban person with thousands of different daily meanings, which state explicitly, at each moment, with a spontaneous hospitality and friendliness, their true feelings, which creates a very warm climate on the Island. This rich mixture of Indian, Spanish and African, which for years has populated Cuba, has created a Cuban identity with American and Caribbean characteristics, which are uniquely Cuban.